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Peter Masterson

Peter Masterson is a musician and former accordian player with the renowned traditional band The Amethyst Trio. At the beginning of his career in 1960 when he was aged 18, Peter began to work as an apprentice for Sweeneys in the grocery department in Achill before he began his job as an ice cream delivery driver covering Mayo. Peter and his wife Frankie were bed and breakfast proprietors in Achill and live in Achill Sound. 

Part 1: 

Peter Masterson Part 1 - Acill Oral Histories
1 min 16 secs Early memories of School aged five; 5 mins 14 secs School Love of geography and history at school; 6 mins and 28 secs Working with his father on the land;  7 mins 23 secs Saving the turf And life on the bog;  08 mins 26 secs Starting work for Mayo County Council aged 17; 9 mins 20 secs Going to  England aged 18; 11 mins 42 secs  Apprenticeship at  Sweeney, Achill Island begins;

Part 2: 

Peter Masteson Part 2 - Achill Oral Histores
1 min 0 secs Ballroom dancing and life as an apprentice; 1 min 15 secs Life in the grocery department at Sweeneys; 4 mins 01 secs Football and playing for the team; 5 mins 45 secs Working as a van driver With Sweeneys delivering ice creams; 10 mins 20 secs Meeting his wife Frankie, dances and showbands; 15 mins 13 secs Peter Children, grandchildren and wider family

Part 3: 

Peter Masterson Part 3 - Acill Oral Histories
00.01 secs Building a new home: family life in Achill; 2 mins 50 secs A growing family; 4 mins 10 secs The Amethyst Trio: Life as a musician;  9 mins 50 secs Running the bed and breakfast In Achill; 11 mins 30 secs What makes Achill special  – and Achill of the future

Read Peter Masterson's full transcript here

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