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             Help us create our first Achill Commemorative Calendar. What dates do you think have shaped Achill's story? Let us know here at Achill Oral Histories


8th January 1837

The “night of the big wind” or “Óiche na Gaoithe Móire”


Please let us know any dates in April which are significant to Achill's story.


12th July 2015

First Dooagh Day

29th July 2019

Reunion of people who lived in the Deserted Village and their families.

31st July 1948

Birthday of acclaimed artist René Böll whose paintings feature the cillini  (unmarked graves) in Achill. 


16th  October 2018

First  Achill Oral Histories interview conducted by oral historian Dr Angela Maye-Banbury (with Tom Johnston).


Please let us know any dates in February which are significant to Achill's story.


3rd May 2017

New sandy beach returns to Dooagh

12th May 1951

Four members of the 'Shark Island' film crew drowned near Daisy Rocks.

13th May 1895

Mulranny-Achill Sound stretch of railway opened.


1st August 1834

Edward and Eliza Nangle arrived in Achill

3rd August 1999

Seamus Heaney , poet  & Nobel Prize winner, visits Achill during Scoil Acla


6th August 1985

Relaunch of Scoil Acla 75 years after it

was initially founded in 1910.

15th August 1910

Paul Henry, acclaimed artist, the 'Monet of Mayo,  arrives in Achill, 

28th August 1996

Temporary lifeboat 'Helen Turnball' was placed on service at lifeboat station Kildavnet.


22nd November 1995

Ratification of decision to establish lifeboat station in Kildavnet,


31 March 1874

Birthday of Eva O' Flaherty, the Galway born  patron of the arts who was a founding member of Scoil Acla and St Colman's knitting  industry, Dooagh.


7th June 1935

Birthday of John Twin Mc Namara, Achill cultural ambassador: Educator, Ceoltóir,  Historian, Re-founder Scoil Acla

14th June 1894 

Drownings Clew Bay claimed the lives of 32 Achill people on way to Glasgow.

16th June 1950

RAF.meteorological plane crashes on  Croaghan Mountain resulting in  8 fatalities 

21st June 1912

Birthday of Achill born celebrated aviator Nancy Corrigan.


4th September 1887

Michael Davitt opens Achill bridge

7th Septembe 1987

Oarsman Don Allum lands on Achill shores in Doogh after 10 week journey on Atlantic

16th September 1937

Ten young Achill tattiehokers tragically died in both fire in Kirkintilloch near Glasgow.

21st September  1852

Foundation stone laid for Bunnacurry Monastery 

30th September 1937

Achill train line closed for  goods and passengers



8th Dec 1943

Birthday of Achill born celebrated poet John F Deane

13th Dec 1969

British Oral History Society Founding Event 

21st Dec 1917

Birthday of writer and Nobel prize winner  Heinrich Böll

23rd Dec 1834

Edward Nangle opened first school in Achill (Slievemore)

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