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Our interview schedule 2018 - 28
Our first interviews with Achill residents were conducted over Easter 2018!.A huge thanks to our interviewees for sharing their unique account of Achill life with us. You are making an invaluable contribution to Achill's heritage. Our next phase of interviews is well underway with five more interviews recorded and more underway.
At Achill Oral Histories, we like to plan ahead. So we have developed a ten  year action plan designed to produce the definitive oral history work of the Achill people.  To ensure we adopt a systematic and inclusive approach,  between autumn 2018 and autumn 2022, we aim to record the life stories of the following groups of Achill residents summarised below in no particular order of importance:
- The teachers of Achill.
- The parents of Achill.
- The children of Achill
- The writers and artists of Achill
- The clergy of Achill.
- The tradesmen and women of Achill
- The tourist representatives of Achill
- The story tellers of Achill
- The health care professionals of Achill
- The musicians and singers of Achill. 
- The business men and women of Achill.
- The fishermen and women of Achill.
If there are any further groups you would like to see included in our ten year action plan, do get in touch.
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